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Welcome to Grandpix Wedding Photography! We are unique Candid Wedding Photography in Kerala. Ours candid style of wedding photography guarantees memories from the wedding ceremony that lasts for a long time that persists even for the generations to come. As a candid photographer, we are proud to be among the ones who defines a genre and offers everything that makes your wedding memories eternal. Our exceptional work weaves wedding tales using still photos and videos in a unique way to create a story that stays in the family forever. Welcome to our website and looking forward to being a part of your big day!

Grandpix photography in Kerala captures the real emotions, the essence of the wedding and creates images that stand for a long time. We try our best to have soulful and full of emotions in our images. Our whole team love our job as photographers and we capture beautiful weddings, portraits. In our every work we challenge ourselves to be unique, creative and all the while working with friendliness, care and professionalism. Capturing wedding day moments is an honour for us and we take care in capturing the story of your day. Enjoy visiting our website and discuss your wedding plans, photo shoot ideas. We look forward to connecting with you!

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