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Hi! , greetings from Grandpix, Kerala. It is rightly and loudly said, A picture is worth a thousand words, but we think if that is a wedding picture then they are more than that. Wedding photos are tremendously stunning and capture the emotions beautifully. Anybody can flash a picture, but only a few can capture the right moment, which has love, passion, promise, memory, emotions, and happiness. Thats what makes the picture timeless and ageless. We Grandpix specialise in wedding photography, destination weddings, and cinematography. Grandpix was founded by a professional Editor Boban Cleetus who just left his carrier for pursuing his passion of photography by which he can capture one of the most beautiful events in your life and help you to treasure it for eternity. Each and every wedding we cover is unique and distinctive. We and our team capture photos in candid as well as documentary-style, the Emotions, Story, Gossip, Drama, Style, Rhythm, Love, Ceremonies, Portraits, Details, Decor and everything else under the sun that is a part of your wedding


Photography is the story
I fail to put into words